Why SF Really Is That Bad / Manifesto

In 2012, after writing a few pieces that didn’t get much traction, Michelle decided to write something she knew would: a five-part manifesto about why San Francisco was a terrible place for single women.  It did, to the tune of several hundred thousand readers in a day, ten thousand comments, several hundred emails and a text message from a hacker who, despite registering the site under a false identity, found her number in order to….ask her out. The essay was intended to represent the journey of a bitter woman blaming everyone else for her unhappiness until, in the end, she realizes she’s the problem. But analytics prove that most people don’t read til the end, and were happy to conclude the narrator either a terrible bitch or a courageous hero. Either way, it taught Michelle a lot about virality, online readership and hate mail. The anonymous essay can still be found here.