Femininity Lib / Theory & TEDx Talk

Femininity Lib is Michelle’s theory that femininity is EXPERIENCE-orientation, while masculinity is RESULTS-orientation, and that neither of these things are  gender-exclusive. She believes traditional society judged women on their ability to ensure pleasant experience (be 'feminine') and men on their ability to produce results (be 'masculine') and that Women's Lib was a movement that sought to prove that women could be, and to liberate  them to be, results-oriented (i.e. more masculine). The movement did not, however, liberate men to be experience-oriented (i.e. more feminine), and in so doing unintentionally discredited the role of femininity (i.e. focus on the experience of living, of education, of work) in society.  The vacuum created is the underpinning of society's anger, anxiety and fear,  and will not be cured by more results-oriented goals, but only by an infusion of, and renewed respect for, femininity in women and men alike.

Michelle initially published the theory as a treatise with significant endnote, then presented the idea as a TEDx Talk in Amsterdam and as the keynote address at Jeffries Women’s Conference in San Francisco..


As femininity cannot be measured, we often consider it to be without value. Being feminine is not about a measurable result, it is about the experience. It is a mistake to ask society to try and measure though.